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welcome to "news4 this week." >> hi, everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we are going to show you some of the more i amming local stories making news this week. among them the 50 shades of gray frenzy. the benefits of reading the racy romantic content and fiction books. prime minister itses to turn your body into fat-burning machine find out how these conditioning moves work and what your workout. we will tell you how a run to the store for milk turned out to be one of the best moves a local woman ever made. first, we start by celebrating the legacy of local music legend chuck brown. the godfather of go-go passed away at john's hopkins hospital
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at the age of 75. aaron gilchrist has more on brown's roots and influence on music. not just here but around the wor world. ♪ >> reporter: charles brown's music career spanned some 50 years. there was seldom a moment when he and his guitar were not together jamming out in front of a crowd of bobbing heads and moving feet. ♪ the north carolina native got his start in the '60s playing the guitar for a d.c. based latin band. by the early '70s chuck brown was coming into his own. and go-go was born. ♪ the godfather of go-go is what the world came to call brown creator of a musical genre that became synonymous with d.c. brown described it as jazz infused folk music with lat wrin and african flares driven by percussion and accented with his
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signature called responsible. ♪ in and out of trouble with the law in his youth brown taught himself to play the guitar in prison. he and his go-go beat became world known landing his first billboard number one hit in 1978 with busting loose. he was nominated for first grammy in 2010 and at the age of 74. >> like i said, when i hit that stage, you know, forget about my age. >> reporter: through all the albums and constant drum beam of stardom chuck brown never turned his back on his home. he stayed a staple of d.c. events that became important to his community. he spent his time with students around the district and never forgetting how young shoe shine boy who hung around music halls turned a dream into a rhythmic reality. he never forgot what was really important. >> my children are fwroen. they are doing well. so proud of them. they had an opportunity to --
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had opportunities that i never had. ♪ i just thank god for every day. ♪ >> chuck brown. if you plan on taking your cell phone, e-reader or tablet on the summer trips, you better have a plan to protect them. liz crenshaw turned to the geek squad at best buy for the best way to keep your gadgets safe from the sun, surf and sand. >> reporter: it is enough to make your heart sink, just the thought of your phone falling into water. it is just one thing that can go wrong when you take your technology on vacation. >> going to the beaches especially, because there's a lot of different things to worry about, the sand the humidity. the water, obviously. and then the glare and the sun. >> reporter: robert with bust buy's geek squad has tricks to keeping your technology safe
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this summer. the first trick is pack your gadgets in a zipper bag. >> just to keep it separate from your other things you might be bringing to the bridge. another layer of protection against moisture and heat and sand as well. >> reporter: if you want a to waterproof your phone there are different cases made for different smartphones you can buy to protect them. >> these cases are very good. guaranteed to protect your device. slip your phone in there. you still have access to your camera and normal features. it even has extensions if you still want to use it as an mp3 player. pop it in will and good to go. >> reporter: if you don't have a waterproof case and your gadget gets wet, first remove the battery and dry off your device. the trick to completely drying it out, uncooked rice. >> put your device inside of a contained sealed with price and absorb the moisture. what we don't want you to do is attempt to use any kind of heat source like a hair dryer to dry your device out. >> reporter: what happens when
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you drop your device in the sand? >> it is not the end of the world. get the excess particles out of there. a syringe to blow out additional particles and crevices you see. what withdrew want to do is use something like a only pressed air. that is too high powered and can damage internals of your device. >> reporter: use a screen protector for your tablet, iphone, e-reader. it has an anti-glare feature. if your electronics help you find your way to vacation here is a trick to no hassle road trips. update your gps before getting in the car. get the latest maps. >> if you have one with live traffic it will route you around major accidents. some of them have navigation where you can plan your route and based on the most fuel efficient route. >> reporter: like most technology don't leave your gadgets in a hot car. remember, take them with you and store them at room temperature. >> certain things you need to think about before you take them
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to the beach. if you want to still have that device when you leave. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news4. >> keeping your gaj nets a zippered bag a smart one. remember when you head back to those cool indoors, make sure to open them and remove them. otherwise the condensation will build up and you will end up with one big moisture problem. that's not good. gadgets like e-read verse become very popular with fans of those steamy "50 shades of gray" series. when it comes to risque reads there are plenty. even in places that might surprise you. wendy rieger has more. >> reporter: they are right there in the romance section. lots of racy storytelling. filled with hard-core adjectives and verbs. enough to leave your chest heaving. and now, thanks to "50 shids of gray," there is a new market of female readers. >> i think it is opening up doors to legitimize this kind of
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reading, allowing women to incorporate some of these fantasies into their lives. >> reporter: look at the interest. when the author came to the bethesda barnes & noble the turnout was important for a book about sexual dominance and bondage. >> i think women have been interested in the theme of bondage forever in terms of their fantasy life. >> reporter: washington psychologist and sex their pass dr. derosa saysility can be good for women to have lush and varied sex fan it is aies and these books can show them the way. >> fantasies are usually safe. if we can allow women to feel more comfortable having more fantasies, i think that's great. >> reporter: your mom may have been into it. "fear of flying" about a young woman's sexcapade was on the bestseller list in the '07s. there are thousands of books in
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this genre that go from chains to in flames. you may even find sexual inspiration in the bible. >> manual for romance, smoking hot relationship. >> pastor of the great community church in arlington is doing an eight-part sermon on the paum of solomon from the bible. to help married couples improve their sex lives. he titles it "smoking hot." >> there are passages that i will not read publicly to my church. go home and read them yourself. okay. and if you thinks it is saying what you think it is saying you are probably right. >> great marriage. why settle for something that's fair? >> download it to your e-book. the sale of erotica this way has gone up 30%. wendy rieger, news4, washington. >> i bet it has. for a list of the more popular authors in this genre go to
5:39 am and just search "50 shades." well, you can be three minutes away from a mental health breakthrough. still ahead on "news4 this week," helping patients find the information they need to get better. he has gone from maryland to project runway to dressing big named celebrities. designer christian shares the hottest looks of the season for local fashionistas. first lady reveals part of what motivates her workout. next.
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parks lives at the national cathedral. a new stone carving of the activist was dedicated. the sculpture was created by north carolina artist jazz fagan and carved by stone carver sean callahan. the image of parks sits at a cathedral's human rights fort alongside a carving of mother teresa. well, he's fierce, fashionable and unafraid to
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speak his mind. christian siriano now has his own fashion label. he struts big names like rihanna. eun yang checked out his studio and got a lesson in how to stay stylish in d.c. this summer. ♪ >> so yummy. >> delicious. >> reporter: once he put the fierce into fashion reality tv project runway alum and fan favorite christian siriano quickly poured his big personality and unique perspective into his design house. >> every season is different. i think that's what is kind of nice about fashion as it is. always kind of evolving and moving, changing. >> reporter: here in siriano's studio in new york city, he shows off his fall line which drew inspiration from an unlikely source. >> last collection we showed for fall was inspired by bass. you know, it -- not in so literal way and an act strakt feeling. still wanted that creepy, weird
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plight idea of movement. very sexy. has a great fit on. and very classic. >> reporter: siriano says the dark, powerful feeling of the fall collection contrasts sharply with the light flirty look from the spring season. as his clients transition from spring to summer, he offers style tips for the women in d.c. >> got a lot of women in orange. >> reporter: go for color. >> a pop color dress. like what you are wearing. really like something fresh and new rip balance out the bright, siriano likes white for summer. >> if you do just a white cotton day dress is beautiful or white trench coat i think is kind of fun. >> reporter: something more signature siriano pilaso pants. >> you have the kind of overly wide leg trouser, you can kind of do a lot with it because it almost looks like you are wearing an evening skirt or looks like you are wearing a long skirt. >> reporter: siriano knows when it comes to fashion it can be a bit conservative. he encourages women to push the
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envelope. classic always works. he says it doesn't have to be boring. >> you have to remember d.c. is a i rely cool metropolitan city. it is like you should have fun at night. and be experimental. so there is no one judging you if you are wearing fuchsia pump out to dinner. >> reporter: eun yang, news4. >> i like that. do your own thing. right? a look at the class of promises to make your body a fat burning machine. a new health tips. why doctors say knowing this mum should be as important as knowing what your blood pressure is and knowing what your ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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news4 for your health. mental health conditions can be tough to diagnose in patients often go years without knowing what's wrong. now will is a three-minute test that can help identify a person's illness earlier. doreen gentzler explains why it can make a huge difference. >> i had 15 hospitalizations.
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hi electroshock therapy. i can't tell you how many vacations over the years. >> reporter: it took five long years before patrick henry was finally diagnosed bipolar disorder. it was during those years his marriage crumbled, marriage suffered and relationship was friends fell apart. >> that's why anything that we can use to find early warning signs or figure out what's going on with a person as soon as possible really changes the outcome of the illness. >> now doctors have a new tool to help them diagnose mental illness. it is called the m-3 screen. it is a 30-yes online test that looks for key signs of conditions like depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety and bipolar disorder. >> we need a test to make it's easier for patients to get diagnosed and medical practices and primary care practices. >> reporter: after someone takes the test, the website
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immediately provides a score from zero to just over 100. it is f the number is over 30, a person may have a mental health issue. the higher the number, the more severe that condition might be. dr. robert post is a psychiatrist who studied mood disorders at the national institutes of mental health for decades. he helped develop the m-3 screen. >> we think it is critical that the patients have numbers just like everybody knows their blood pressure and cholesterol. >> i took the test and it really is as fast and easy as the developers claim. you don't have to enter any personal information online either. you answer the questions and right away you get your results and your recommendations. >> primary care tries to take care of the whole person and that shun just be a list of health issues. >> reporter: dr. alan has been using the m3 screen with his patients during the annual checkup. it helped him identify patients he thought were depressed but who were really suffering from
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bipolar disorder. he says the online screening helps him get important information about his patients much more quickly than simply asking them in person. >> primary care physicians are busy. there is a lot that goes on with the visits. >> reporter: are dhe now has hi disorder under control. he uses the test on an ongoing base toys monitor his condition. >> if i had been diagnosed then and got the help i needed i think i would have been able to continue working and wouldn't have ended up destroying my business, i destroyed my marriage. i had -- real heavy price to pay as do most people diagnosed with a major mental illness unless we catch it early. >> reporter: doreen gentzler, news4. >> the m3 test is not meant to be a diagnosis. it can identify potential problem and can certainly help start a discussion with your doctor. of course you can check it out by going online. we set up a link to the test on our website. and search for
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mental health test. all right. on to the physical health now. can doing certain exercises for just ten minutes help you burn more calories? well, that's the goal of a new class at the gym. it promises to make your bod yea fat burnings are machine. we tried it out. >> pick up the pace! a little quicker. >> it is a class for metabolic conditioning. what that means is you have three metabolic systems in your body. and those systems are what breaks down fat and carbohydrates into energy. they do a workout, taxes all lee systems. not just once in a while. but consecutively and over the course of a certain amount of time. they find that you are going to burn more calories. your body gets more fit. your heart gets more fit.
5:51 am
open up your arms. open! the class is basically ten exercises and you do each exercise for a minute. then the whole class gets a 09-second to two-minute break. then we do it again. we do that three times. and at the end of the class just to make sure that we have taxed the system enough we put what we call metabolic finisher in there. >> you have 30 seconds left. >> we did a lower body exercise followed by upper body exercise followed by a cardio or power kind of exercise. we did that three times. then we add ad core exercise to the end. all right. when you do a lower body and upper body, more strength-type exercise, your heart rate is going up and up and up. when you hit the cardiovascular exercise, you are actually working really hard in the capacity to push your heart rate up even further. >> yes! five, four, three. >> intensity is probably the hardest part of the class. you go from exercise to exercise
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without any breaks. >> just when you think you are going to break a break, boom, the other exercise comes onboard. oh, my god. you are doing lungs, working your thighs, butt, quads. everything. >> they will see vast improvement to their fitness level, physique, appetite, their energy. all because they improved the entire body, not just one system. >> i like the concept there. michelle obama revealed what's on her workout play list. ♪ yeah. the first lady tells "women's" magazine whip my hair gets her moving and grooving. stevie wonder, joanfer lopez and beyonce are also on her play list. now beyonce's "move your body" song is part of michelle obama's let's move campaign to help fight childhood obesity. the first lady works out most
5:53 am
mornings with cardio and heavyweights. then she adds the yoga whenever she gets around to it. a small airand leads -- err leads to a big break. >> what have i done? >> she is excited. retired waitress talks about the trip to the store that changed her life. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99.
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is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic. and amanda mcgrory? she's competing for carbon fiber. they're not just going for gold, they're joining with citi to give back to the programs that helped them along the way with bikes, kickboards. and racing chairs. join the movement at and help citi help our u.s. athletes give back together, every step of the way.
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we all run out of milk sometimes and have to go to the store. as it turns out this is one of the best moves one retired waitress ever made. she's not the only one to hit that lottery jackpot in prince william county recently. >> this is a big paycheck for me. biggest one i have ever seen. >> reporter: mary atkins beams with excitement after winning $100,000 with a virginia lotto scratchoff ticket. >> i'm happy, too. >> reporter: real happy. >> real happy. >> reporter: she wait order tables at a diner for 30 years,
5:56 am
waiting for a big break. she hit the big scratchoff jackpot last week. what was your reaction when you saw $100,000? >> i said oh, my gosh! what have i done? her good fortune started when she ran out of milk and drove to 7-eleven in dumfries, virginia. she walked up to this cooler, got out a gallon of milk and said you know what, i want to buy a lottery ticket. >> luck. pure luck. >> reporter: she isn't the only lucky winner. retired school teacher frances teacher and her husband buy a ticket at the exxon and won a million dollars that will start college plans for her seven grandkids. mary will buy smokey more dog treats, pay her bills and -- >> might go on a trip. >> reporter: she has plenty of time to decide. >> that's great. hey, that's all for "news4 this
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week." i'm veronica johnson. thanks for joining us. until next time, be safe, be kind and remember to be happy.
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